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About Our School

FDA Logo.png

Every year in June, The Frederick Douglass Academy I (FDA) celebrates the fulfillment of a dream—that of our students graduating from high school and beginning their undergraduate studies. The goal of FDA is to provide a rich, vigorous and challenging academic curriculum that will prepare our students to enter the college of their choice. College preparation begins in the 6th grade. Students in the middle school and highschool students study Japanese or Latin music, art and dance in addition to academic classes. Students take New York State Regents classes starting in the 8th grade, and many students will have completed the requirements for a high school diploma by the end of the 11th grade. Students then take Advanced Placement Courses, and in some cases, introductory college courses at Borough of Manhattan Community College and Hunter College. The school provides a wide variety of clubs and teams to supplement the roster of academic courses that are offered. 99.02% of the students at FDA are minorities (75.61% Blacks, 22.23% Hispanics, 1.18% other).

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