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We want to thank our mentors, who give of their time and energy to advise, inspire, and guide us. Instead of doing the work for us, they encourage us to brainstorm, test, and troubleshoot our ideas, coaching and teaching us as we go.

Joel Bianchi

Head Coach (2005-present)
Frederick Douglass Academy Engineering and Math Teacher

Michael Quinn, Jr.

Mechanical Drive Train Committee Mentor (2011-present)
Frederick Douglass Academy Math Teacher

LaRoy Murrell

Team Alumni, Mechanical Drive Train Committee Mentor (2012)
Technical Career Institutes College of Technology, Robotics and Automation Major

Abu Miah

Team Alumni, Mechanical Manipulator Committee, Electrical Committee, and Mechanical Drivetrain Committee Mentor (2014)
City Tech, Computer Engineering Major

Richner Erisnor

Electrical Committee Mentor (2004-present)
Frederick Douglass Academy Physics Teacher

Xavier Marrero

Team Alumni, Mechanical Manipulator Committee Mentor (2014)
Stony Brook, Information Systems Major

Jeff Katten

Programming Committee Mentor (2012)

Stephen Bozak

Programming Committee Mentor (2014)

Morgan Stanley

Faith Bianchi

Executive Committee Mentor (2011-present)
ESL Instructor

Nickolai Belakovski

CAD Mentor

Rakesh Parvatanei

Programming Mentor

Yalman Onaran

Mechanical Manipulator Mentor

Milan Stoessel

Team Alumnus, Executive Committee Mentor
Borough Manhattan of Community College, Engineering

Jonathan Samuels

Team Alumnus, Programming Mentor
Borough Manhattan Community College, Liberal Arts

Chelsey Roebuck

Mechanical Drivetrain Committee


Cristelle Permalan

Team Alumni, Executive Committee Mentor

Hunter College

Martin Volerich

Programming Committee and Executive Committee Mentor

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