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How to Choose Nuts & Bolts (gizmology)

How to Tap thread a hole (tubalcain video)

Suppliers (McMaster)

Actuating Motion

How to choose a FRC motor to use (Ether’s Motor’s calculations/ 2012 FRC Motor specs)

How to change motor characteristics with a gearbox (JVN’s motor & gearbox design calculator)

How to design Pneumatic pistons for translational motion (bimba/ 2012 FRC Pneumatics Manual/ SMC Solenoid Valve/ Festo Valve)

Suppliers (AndyMark, Bimba, McMaster)

Transmitting Rotational Motion

How to use Belts & Pulleys (Gates notes/ videos/ calculator)

How to calculate chain between 2 sprockets (SDP-SI calculator/Dr.Joe’s calculator)

How to create motor axle keyways with a broach (tubalcain video)

Suppliers (AndyMark, IFIrobotics, McMaster, Gates)

How to strip electrical wire (DITech video)

How to read Voltage with a Multimeter (DITech video)

How to read Amps with a Multimeter (DITech video)

How to solder (FreeUK)

How to layout FRC Robot Electrical board (2011)

How to change the speed of a motor (Victor884 Speed Controller manual)

Suppliers (Andymark/ McMaster)

How to program in JAVA intro (TheNewBoston videos)

How to process a camera image for useful robotics information (2012 WPI vision paper/ WPI Robotics Library Info)

How to create a vision program for the cRio (WPI paper)

How to determine robot position relative to vision target by analyzing camera image (CD White Paper)

How to program the Kinect ( Microsoft Kinect SDK)

How to update Netbeans with FRC JAVA libraries (JAVA FRC Updates)

Suppliers (Axis Camera manual)

Technical Resources




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